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Common Rotation - Found tab

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David George
Standard Tuning (E-a-d-g-b-e)

OK, this is the version from All Of The Above. You kind of have to listen to it and get 
feel for the chord changes... this is how I play it, at least. I'll put the bass tab in 
bass tab section for you bassers out there.

Chords used...
    Cadd9   Em7   g   Am7   D2   D/F#

The lick in the beginning is pretty easy...

d------------|  X2

OK, let's move on

Intro: Cadd9-Em7-g-Am7-Cadd9-Em7-g-D2-Cadd9 (X2)


  Cadd9     Em7     g        Am7       Cadd9   Em7    g  D2 Cadd9
           Amazing love, now what else shall I need?

  Cadd9       Em7         g          Am7           Cadd9         Em7
         Your name brings Life. It's more than the air I breathe.

Repeat Intro

The same chords are played for this verse, also.


My world was changed when Your Life you gave for me.
My purpose found, and all that You want for me.


        Em7      Cadd9  g   D/F# (repeat)
  And I found myself in You

You can go back to the top by simply going through the intro again!


(* build up to heavy on chords with an astersik!)

                Cadd9             g       D/F#    Cadd9
So take me to a place where I can see You face to face,
                Em7             D2            Am7
and all I wanna do, all I wanna do is worship You.
             Cadd9             g       D/F#    Cadd9
Take me to a place where I can see you face to face,
                Em7*            D2*           Am7*    Cadd9*
and all I wanna do, all I wanna do is worship You

(Distortion from (Am7*) till end)
        g                D2
You are worthy!  You are worthy!
Am7             Cadd9          g       D2
I will live for all my days to worship You!
      Am7             Cadd9          g       D2 (ring out)
Lord, I will live for all my days to worship You!

End with chorus

My friend and I figured out as much as we could of this song to play it at our church, 
this is what we came up with. This is JUST HOW WE PLAY IT, so it's probably not perfect, 
I hope you all enjoy. God bless!
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