Cory Asbury - Faithful To The End chords

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F                           Am G
The promise of Your coming light
F                          Am G
It burns so brightly in my mind
F                       Am  G
All creation groans and waits
F                      Am G
For the dawning of that Day

I believe

          Am                   F
You will come riding on the clouds
                       C                            G
With justice in Your heart, And a sword upon Your side
           Am                   F
All will see the glory of Your name
               C                             G
Fire in Your eyes, Youre jealous for Your bride

                      Am                   F
Hes faithful to the end, faithful to my heart
                     C/G                         G
Hes faithful to the end, He will come and marry me.

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Am    F     C/G         G
Glory to the Righteous One
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