Cory Asbury - Never Gonna Leave Me Dry chords

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Never Gonna Leave Me Dry
Cory Asbury

G              Am              F
Hear me oh when I cry
G                       Am                         F
I am broken Iím thirsty and Iím dry
G                                                         Am                              F
And God make complacency my enemy and Your fight
G                                                   Am                          C
And let desperation be like Davidís key in my life

F                                                     Am
And surely goodness and mercy follow me
C                                                G
My cup runneth over, My cup runneth over
F                                                                                Am
And the broken and the contrite you have yet to deny
C                                       G
I lay before you, I lay bare before you

But Youíre never gonna leave me dry no You donít know You donít know You donít
Youíre always willing, my cup youíll be filling 

Oh oh oh oh

F                                                       C
You fill us with Your love overwhelm us with Your love
G                                             Am
Take us from the ashes seat us with princes
F                      C
Itís what You do
G                                       Am
Itís just what You do
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