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Cowboy Mouth - How Do You Tell Someone tab

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Date: Tue, 5 Nov 1996 23:37:19 -0600 (CST)
From: Pete Rasche 
Subject: song contributions


I saw that you had "Light it on fire"  and "How do you tell someone"
listed, but when I tried to open them, it said the file contained no data.
Since I sent them in a while back (I assume it was my postings which
should be listed there), here are the two songs and some others...
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"How do you tell someone" by Cowboy Mouth
Written and sung by Fred LeBlanc
>From the MCA album "Are you with me?"
Previously released on the Monkey Hill/Ichiban "It Means Escape"
- - -

This song is really very simple, and only uses G, C, D, and Em.  However,
they use a cheating C (C9?) and put the 3rd finger on the 2nd string, not
the first, for the G.
G = 320030	C=032030	D=000232	Em=022000
This way, (Except for Em), the 3rd finger stays planted the whole song.

G		 D		 C	       G
Tina says "don't talk to me like I am deaf and dumb
      G		      D		   C		  D
we've broken down and broken up so much that I am numb
G		  D		   C		  G
talk about, don't shout about, the people we've become"
	  G		    C	   D	G
There's a little girl who's crying over here.

Note that lines 2 and 4 are different from 1 & 3, which are the same.

Each verse is the same.

	     Em		C		  D
Did you ever know me, I swear that I have tried
(repeat this pattern 3 times)

G		    C		  D
How do you tell someone you don't love them?
G		    C		  D
How do you tell someone you don't care anymore?
G		    C		  D	       C
How do you tell someone you don't love them anymore?

Em	 D	  C
Fighting makes me tired
(repeat pattern 4 times)
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