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Cracker - Shake Some Action tab

Cracker - Shake Some Action (from the 'Clueless Soundtrack')

As transcribed by Superfister69 (

had trouble trying to line up the chords with the vocals, so
you'll need to listen to the recording to get it right. sorry.



2nd part of intro (which is also used for the chorus)

B5  C#5  A5  C#5 | B5  C#5  A5  C#5  |
//   //  //   // |  //   //  //   // |

B5   | A5   | E5   |  B5   | (2x)
/....   /....  /....  /....

The lick in the second part is:



C#5               B5                E5                  A5 E5
I will find a way

C#5               B5                E5                  A5 E5
To get to you someday

A5         B5              E5   A5 E5
Cause I am so afraid I'd fall

A5        B5           C#5         B5
Can't you hear me call

 B5     C#5      A5      C#5
Shake  some action is what I need

B5     C#5      A5      C#5
To make me bust out at full speed

B5     C#5      A5      C#5              B5...A5
and I am sure that's all you'll need

            E5        B5...  B5....A5...E5...B5
to make it alright

C#5      B5         E5    A5 E5
It's take me so long

C#5      B5         E5    A5 E5
to get to where I belong

A5                  B5                E5   A5 E5
Lord don't make me send it back that way

A5         B5        C#5   B5
Or I will make you pay


[solo]  don't have that tabbed yet, but the chords behind it are

C#5  A5  E5  B5 2x    then it goes to the end part of the chorus (w/ lick)

C#5        B5               E5    A5 E5
You don't dig what I'm playing

C#5         B5     E5    A5 E5
Then I will go away

A5                  B5                E5   A5 E5
And I will turn around this little game

A5              B5           C#5       B5
Cause I don't need your praise


Then he sings the chorus over the solo progression of: C#5, A5, E5, B5 (4x)

Then ends with that lick from the second part of the chorus.

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