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Cramps - Mystery Plane tab

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Mystery Plane 

My daddy drives a ufo
Drops me off and then he goes
Leaves me on this mystery plane
But he'll be back for me again
Oh, oh yes he will

A (x2)


Now I just can't identify
With this world so I don't try
Square pegs don't fit in round holes
And I can't fit into these cloths

A (x2)


My daddy's unidentified
My mom says I just appeared inside
Looks like a case of hit and run
But off the record it's no fun
No, no, no fun

A (x2)

My daddy he'll come back again
And take me from this mystery plane
And maybe if I go real slow
He'll let me drive his ufo, oh, oh, oh
Oh boy


My daddy drives a ufo
My daddy drives a ufo
My daddy drives a ufo

Para mis amigos de barranquilla, colombia
este himno del psychobilly

Fredy Perez
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