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Creed - My Sacrifice chords

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It's same like Version 1, but there is misstake in chord, and i just made 
correction. should be Bm instead of B.

D        Bm      G

Hello my friend we meet again, Its been awhile where
         Bm       G 
should we begin? Feels like forever
Well in my heart a memory, A perfect love that you 
       Bm    G
gave to me! Oh I remember

G            D         Asus         Bm             G
When you are with me i'm free, I'm careless, I believe
              D           Asus              Bm
Above all the others with life, This brings tears
to my eyes, my sacrifice

We've seen our shares of ups and downs oh, How 
                      Bm             G
quickly life can turn around, In an instant
It feels so good to reunite, within yourself and 
            Bm               G
within your mind, Lets find peace there
I just want to say hello again(x2)

----Then it does this thing----
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