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Croce Jim - Careful Man tab

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Careful Man
Jim Croce

(Intro: Blues)

E				E7
I donít gamble, I donít fight,
A					F#7
I donít be hanginí in the bars at night;
	E		C#7	       F#7	B7	   E
Yeah, I used to be a fighter, but now I am a wiser man
E				E7
I donít drink, much, I donít smoke,
A					     F#7
I donít hardly mess around with no dope;
	E		C#7	       F#7	B7	   	E	E7
Yeah, I used to be a problem, but now I am a careful man
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But if you used to wanna see a commotion,
You shouldíve seen the man that I used to be;
I was trouble in perpetual motion,
F#7			       B7
Trouble with a capital ďTĒ
	E		       E7
Stayiní out late, haviní fun,
		A			      F#7
And shot off every single shot in my gun;
	E		C#7	F#7		B7	E
Yeah, I used to be a lover but now I am an older man

(2nd end for chorus)
Yeah, I used to be a terror, but now I am a tired man

I didn't tab out the intro, but I'll work on it. This is a fun blues to play with that 
Croce irony. --Best, Mo Love
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