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Damien Rice - Groovin tab

Groovin' - Damien Rice
Tabbed by myself from the live performance at The Lobby
in Cork, Ireland in 2002.
Groovin - Damien Rice

Ok, normal tuning and no capo. This song's basically all
based around the C chord.
 E |------------------|-------------0x-|
 B |----1---1---1---1-|---1---0-----0x-|
 G |----0---0---0---0-|---0h2-2/4---0x-|
 D |--------------2---|2h3-------------| x 2
 A |0h3---2---0-------|----------------|
 E |------------------|----------------|
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Repeat similar to above where it fits! You'll get the feel
for it quick enough.


*...that you are the one that's got me feeling this way*
Fill, (C, Fx4, G):
Then carry on with the first bit(s).
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