Daniel Lanois - Jolie Louise chords

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                           JOLIE LOUISE - Daniel Lanois
Tabbed by: Pat Malavi

Capo 5th fret

                     C               G                   C
Ma jolie, how do you do, mon nom est Jean-Guy Thibault-Leroux
                        C                G            C
I come from east of Gatineau, my name is Jean-Guy, ma jolie
            G7                            C       G7        C
J'ai une maison a Lafontaine where we can live if you marry me
             G7                             Am            F
Une belle maison a Lafontaine where we will live, you and me
      C       G        C      G        C        G        C
Oh Louise, mm mm mm mm mm, ma jolie Louise

                   C             G                 C
Tous les matins au soleil I will work 'til work is done
                   C            G                  C
Tous les matins au soleil I did work 'til work was done
        G7                          C       G7           C
And one day, the foreman said "Jean-Guy, we must let you go"
           G7                         Am      F
Et pis mon nom, y est pas bon, at the mill anymore
      C        G         C        G         C        G        C
Oh Louise, I'm losing my head I'm losing my head

                            C              G                  C
My kids are small, four and three et la bouteille, she's mon ami
                             C                 G                     C
I drink the rum 'til I can't see, it hides the shame Louise does not see
     G7                               C        G7          C
Carousel turns in my head and I can't hide, oh no, no, no, no
        G7                            Am                F
And the rage turned in my head and Louise, I struck her down
            C           G         C         G         C       G       C
Down on the ground, I'm losing my mind, I'm losing my mind

                      C               G                 C
En Septembre soixante-trois, kids are gone and so is Louise
                 C           G             C
Ontario they did go, near la ville de Toronto
       G7                             C      G7            C
Now my tears they roll down, tous les jours, whoa, oh, oh, oh 
        G7                      Am               F
And I remember the days and the promises that we made
      C       G        C       G        C       G       C
Oh Louise, ma jolie Louise, ma jolie Louise

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