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Daniel Merriweather - Change Acoustic tab

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Daniel Merriweather - Change

Tabbed By Jack Simmons

This as an acoustic version of the song as played on channel 4.

There was a plucked intro which i have not yet tabbed but it is just the chords from the 
plucked, if i get time i will add it and if anyone else works it out then comment it on 
tab and I'll add it on!

Also can find lyrics for it yet so will add them when i find some, anyone finds them 
send them to me and il add them on.

This version can be see at

Capo 2nd fret
Chord relative to capo


Am  C  G  D X6

This is played by plucking the chords, start on A String and before changing to next 
end on B this sounds along the lines of whats played. Or just strum.


Am  C  G  D X2

F  Em  Dm


Am  D X2

F Em Dm

Am  D X4




Intro Plucking

Chorus till end.
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