Daniel Odonnell - Destination Donegal chords

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3/4 time

Capo on 3

Intro: G Em G Em

G                        Em            G               Em
As I stand above the starboard bow and watch the ocean foam
     G                 Em            C     D      G
As I view each new horizon I grow further from my home
                     Em              G              Em
I'm sailing on a foreign ship, that's bound for Montreal
        G                 Em            C     D      G
But I'd give the world to make my destination Donegal

I would make my way from Malin to Bundoran through Raphoe
Or Portsalon down to Killybegs by Creeslough and Dungloe
I'd wander around by Barnesmore Gap to everyone I'd call
And beyond the Bluestack mountains to the town of Donegal

Oh Donegal I miss you and I'll never understand
Why I left you for those far off lands, against my hearts command
Whatever fortune comes my way, whatever may befall
I know I'll make my final destination Donegal
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