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Danzig - Band: Iced Earth tab

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band: Iced Earth
song: Melancholy (Holy Martyr)
album: Something Wicked This Way Comes
transcribed by: Spyros Soldatos

^   =  bend
^>  =  bend and release
x   =  fret-hand muting
.   =  pick-hand muting
spm.=  slight palm muting
h   =  hammer-on
p   =  pull-off
~   =  vibrato
t   =  tap-on
/   =  slide up
\   =  slide down
ah. =  artificial harmonics
nh. =  natural harmonics
(9) =  ghost note
"   =  trem picking

Tuning: E=Eb A=Ab D=Db G=Gb B=Bb e=e

Rh.Fig.1 (I think that the highest notes are doubled by a guitar playing 1 octave lower)
    Em                         D(no5)        C            2x

Verse 1 w/Rh.Fig.1 (4x)
 Em                    D(no5)  C           
Make the sadness go away      come back another 
 Em                            D(no5)        C      
day. For years I've tried to teach but their eyes are 
Em                         D(no5) C 
empty. Empty too I have become   for them I must
 Em                        D(no5)   C                   
die. A sad and troubled race an ungrateful troubled place

    E5                          D5                          4x 
      P.M.                        P.M.

Chorus w/Rh.Fig.2 (4x)
E5                            D5                      
   I see the sadness in their eyes melancholy in their 
  E5                             D5   
cries.  Devoid of all the passion the human spirit cannot 
 E5                              D5
die.   Look at the pain around me this is what I 
 E5                                D5
cry for. Look at the pain around me this is what I die for

Repeat Rh.Fig.1 

Verse 2 w/Rh.Fig.1 (4x)
Make the sadness go away come back another day
The things I've said and done don't matter to anyone
But still you push me to see something I can never be
Why am I their shuttered king? I don't mean anything

Chorus w/Rh.Fig.2 (4x)

    E5                                   D5          C5          2x
      P.M.     P.M.     P.M.     P.M.    P.M.      

Chorus w/Rh.Fig.2 (till end)
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