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Darryl Worley - Have You Forgotten chords

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Intro: G  C9 (x2)

I hear people sayin' we don't need this war
I say there's some things worth fighting for
What about our freedom and this piece of ground
We didn't get to keep em by backin' down
     D                             C                    G/B
Now they say we don't realize the mess we're gettin' in
Am                   G/B              C                 D
Before you start to preachin' let me ask you this my friend

             G             D
Have you forgotten how it felt that day
To see your homeland under fire
And our people blown away
             G                D
Have you forgotten when those towers fell
G/B     C                             D
We had neighbors still inside going through a living hell
         C                               D
And you say we shouldn't worry bout Bin Laden
             G     C9
Have you forgotten

Verse 2:
They took all the footage off my TV
Said it's too disturbing for you and me
It'll just breed anger that's what the experts say
If it was up to me I'd show it everyday
Some say this country's just out lookin' for a fight
Well after 9/11, man I'd have to say that's right


Instrumental: G  C9 (x2)

         D                                    C                    
Now I've been there with the soldiers who've gone away to war
            Am              G/B          C                     D
And you can bet that they remember just what they're fighting for

Chorus 2:             
Have you forgotten all the people killed
Yeah some went down like heroes 
In that Pennsylvania field
Have you forgotten about our Pentagon
Yeah all the love ones that we lost and those left to carry on 
Don't you tell me not to worry bout Bin Laden

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