Dave Barnes - Annie chords

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Because this song is played on the piano, the chords aren't necessarily complete. I saw
the other tab for this song and just filled in some holes. The other poster laid 
all the groundwork!

In order to get the same mood and feel out of the song, I simply pick the song, hitting
the root of the chord and supplementing it by hitting the two or three strings below it
on the following beat. Just follow the rhythm of the piano.

Em7: 020000

Intro: C F C F C F C

Verse 1
The night is slowly dying
All of the stars are gone
Dm                   G          C           Em7
Your purse is on the table; the TV's on
Am                  Am7         D9
D7sus4 D7
You're lying on the bed asleep, as pretty as can be
F             G           C
I love you, Annie

Verse 2
C                                 F
The day that I first saw you, you changed my mind
     Dm             G                C            Em7
See, I was moving forward; I thought I was fine
Am                          Am7
There was a hole here in my heart
     D9              D7sus4 D7
that only love could see
F            G         C
I love you, Annie

It's so hard to see
What life without you would be like for me
Would the sky be as blue and the grass as green?
D7sus4       D7     G
What would I be without you?

Interlude: Am Dm Am F C F

Verse 3
C                                      F
Time keeps moving faster, I don't know what to do
Dm                   G              C                  Em7
The pictures in the hallway will be changed so soon
Am                      Am7               D9
D7sus4 D7
And I pray that when my life is done that they remember me
F                       G       C
For how I loved yooooooou, Annie

Outro: C F C F
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