David Gray - Be Mine chords

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Be Mine

Bm                                     E
From the very first moment I saw you - thatís when I knew,
Bm                                     E
All the dreams I held in my heart had suddenly come true,
Bm                                    E
Knock me over stone cold sober, not a thing I could say or do,
A                         E                D
Cos baby when Iím walking with you now, my eyes are so wide,
A                      E                 D
Like you reached right into my head, and turned on the light inside,
        C#m                     D     Dm
Turning on the light, inside my mind, hey

A                           E
Come on baby its all right, Sunday Monday day or night,
Bm                              D
Red, blue on white its plain to see, be mine, be mine
A                         E
rainy shiny night or day, whatís the difference anyway,
B                                 Dm
Honey 'till your heart belongs to me,

Bm                            E
If I had some influence girl, with the powers that be,
Bm                                              E
Iíd have them fire that arrow at you, like they fired it right at me,
Bm                                              E
And maybe when your heart and soul are burning, you might see,
A                   E                             D
That every time Iím talking with you, itís always over too soon,
A                   E                       D
That everyday feels so incomplete, till you walk into the room,
C#m                                   D     Dm
Say the word now girl, Iíll jump that moon, Hey,

A                    E
Come on baby its ok, rainy shiny night or day,
Thereís nothing in the way now,
Donít you see, be mine, be mine,
A                           E
Winter summer day or night, centigrade of Fahrenheit,
Bm                              D
Baby till your heart belongs to me, be mine, be mine,
A                              E
Thursday Friday short or long, when you got a love so strong,
Fm                            D
How can it be wrong now mercy me, be mine, be mine,
A                       E
Jumpiní Jesus holy cow, whatís the difference anyhow,
Bm                            D
Baby Ďtill your heart belongs to me,
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