David Nail - Strangers On A Train chords

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Strangers On A Train

Am-G/B-F (x2)

Sometimes you (C) see someone
When you've already (G/B) got someone
Still you wonder what if (Am) they had come
Along, a long (F) time ago
You know that they're (C) feeling it too
But there ain't nothin' (G/B) you gonna do
Except for ima-(Am)-gine who you might have been with them (F)
(Am) They're not (G/B) tryin' to make it (F) last
(Am) Just enjoying each (G/B) second as they (F) pass

Chorus:  'Cause as these (C) little brick houses are flying by
'Neath the (G) flickering of the railcar lights
I (Am) let myself get lost in your eyes awhile (F)
Not a-(C)-nother passenger in here can see
How in (G) my mind you're holdin' me
While out-(Am)-side the cold makes snow out of the rain (F)
But in (Am) here were just (G/B) strangers on a train  (C-G-Am-F)

(C) Start to smile, I turn my head
(G/B) It's kinda like a spider's web
(Am) I just can't seem to shake you off (F)
(C) So I look your way again
(G/B) You're staring off trying to pretend
(Am) Like you haven't even noticed me at all (F)
(Am) But don't feel (G/B) guilty it don't mean (F) much
(Am) The truth is the (G/B) two of us ain't (F) ever gonna touch (G)


(C)  Brakes grind, I gotta go
(G/B) Reach down pick up my coat
(Am) Afraid that you might stop me in the aisle (F)
(C)  Watch my breath rising in the air
(G/B) I can't do nothing but just stand there
(Am) As you press your hand against the window (F) pane
And I (Am) wave to my (G/B) stranger on a train (C-F)
My stranger on a train
C-F(x3) C
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