David Pettigrew - There Is Hope chords

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There is Hope
INTRO: Eb | [ch]Ab/Eb[/ch] | Eb | [ch]Ab/Eb[/ch] |
Eb                   [ch]Ab/Eb[/ch]
Ten years later I remember blue September skies
Eb                    [ch]Ab/Eb[/ch]
I remember how the city streets were so alive
Eb                       Bb/D
Ten years later there are questions that still haunt my mind
Cm7                            Eb/Bb       Bb
Answers that are hard to find, places that remind me of you
Fm7        Eb/G           Ab       Bb
In this life there are no guarantees

          Eb              Ab               Cm7                     Ab
Thereís a hope, thereís a faith, there is love for the whole human race
          Eb           Ab                   Cm7                      Ab
Thereís a hope, we receive, that letís us hold on tight to all we believe
Fm7               Eb/G             Ab             [ch]Ab/Bb[/ch]
Hope never quits, hope never dies, hope is still alive

INTERLUDE: Eb | [ch]Ab/Eb[/ch] | Eb | [ch]Ab/Eb[/ch] |

Eb                       [ch]Ab/Eb[/ch]
 Ten years later you are still the shelter from the storm
 Eb                         [ch]Ab/Eb[/ch]
You are still the rock that I have built this house upon
Eb                   Bb/D
Ten years later even though the tears still fall,
Cm7                                    Eb/Bb       Bb      Fm7
God youíve held me through it all, And I can still call on you
        Eb/G          Ab           Bb
And you alone are the savior of us all


       Cm7                             G+5/B
In our hearts there is a God, who will go to any length
      Bb                          Ab
And a holy cloud of witnesses who pray to give us strength
    Cm7                           G+5/B
The author and perfecter gives us faith to overcome
    Bb              Cm7           [ch]F7/A[/ch]               Fm7/Bb |   Bb
And on our knees we pray the words, let your will be done
OUTRO: Eb | [ch]Ab/Eb[/ch] | Eb | [ch]Ab/Eb[/ch] |
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