Davy Flowers - Praise Be To The Wounded One chords

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G         D        Em                 C

Worthy is the lamb who was slain
        G                    D                                   Em                 C

Who broke down the great wall of enmity and gave me His name
        G            D                                 Em          C

How gracious is my Redeemer King Jesus the Son of the Highest
   G             D                           Em           C

What could I possibly give to you but the fragrance of my

Pre- Chorus:
G    C       B7      C      

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, 
G     C       B7     C      
Hallelujah, Hallelujah

G              D         Em       C

Praise be to the wounded one
G             D        Em       C

Glory and honor to the Son
       G                       D         Em          C

We ascribe worth and give love to you Lord
            G         D         Em            C

Let the fragrance of our love go forth

G      D        Em          C

Holy is the man of sorrows
G                   D                                  Em                 C

Destroying the works of the evil one all with your own blood
         G          D                              Em                       C

and mercies before and behind you such beauty all--around you 
       G           D                      Em               C
how could I ever repay you but with the fragrance of my 


G                     D                       Em                     C
We lift our gaze, we life our gaze, we lift our gaze, we lift our gaze (2x)
G                      D                      Em                  C
You are higher, You are higher, You are Higher, You are Higher (2x)
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