Dawes - That Western Skyline tab

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The Key for the version I have is Bb
The   [Bb] [F11] [Eb] [Bb]  just repeats in the 
verses (I didn't bother typing it out each time)

I play the Bb as an E-shaped bar chord with the root at the 6th fret, and I play the Eb 
as an A-shape with a root at the 6th. (the F in the OOO's section is also an A-shape bar chord)

MOST importantly, the chord I'm calling F11 is played :

[Bb]Oh, Lou- I'd like to [F11]let you know... [Eb]that I do 
not feel [Bb]welcome
All the birds, the trees, the [F11]falling snow, [Eb]no they were not made for [Bb]me
And though this is where her heart resides... we met in California
She saw cities, promise reaching through my eyes, and she turned her self away

[Eb]Well how I curse that western [Bb]skyline
[Eb]And yet I thanked it for my [Bb]start
[Eb]Oh Lou, though my [Bb]dreams did [Eb]not come 
[F11]true... [Eb]no they only came a[Bb]part

So I followed her here to Birmingham... where the soil is so much richer
And though my aching pride might guide my hand, she did not ask for me to come
So I wait for her all through the day, as if I wait for her surrender
And every time I get her to look my way, she says I'm not where I belong

But I watch her father preach on Sundays
And all the hymnals of my heart
But oh Lou, no my dreams did not come true; no they only came apart

[Dm]Ohhhh, [Bb]oh [F]oh [Bb]oh [Eb]oh
[Dm]Ohhhh, [Bb]oh [F]oh [Bb]oh [F]oh
[Dm]Ohhhh, [Bb]oh [F]oh [Bb]oh [Eb]oh
[Dm]Ohhhh, [Bb]oh [F]oh [Bb]oh [F]oh

All the snow fall this time of year, it's not what Birmingham is used to
I get the feeling that I brought it here, and now I'm taking it away

But let's share one more drink together
Before I go reload my car
An oh, Lou no my dreams did not come true- no they only came apart

Ohhhh, oh oh oh oh
Take me home...
Ohhhh, oh oh oh oh
Ohhhh, oh oh oh oh
Ohhhh, oh oh oh oh
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