Dbpony - Miles chords

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This is my first attempt at tabs/chords :D

This is an easy song to play since for the most part the chords for the verses can 
just be played on every beat.

I play the two 4 bar passages that begin with "A*" like the following with the 
chords played on every beat but it's just a personal preference :)


A                 E            F#m           G             D
This is all seems very unfair. How come everypony else has theirs?
                  A                           Bm                     E
I'd be lying if I said I could wait because I really want mine right now
A                          E  
It kind of hurts when everypony stares
   F#m                  G                   D
To look at my flank and see there's nothing there
                  A                 Bm                      E
I'm not gonna sit down and cry, but sometimes it's just too much

F#m             C#                  A               B
I have tried so very hard to find a place where I belong
D                     A                    Bm            E
But instead of making peace with myself, I sing a little song

A   E   D   Dm
A     E D     
A       D A 

so I wake up everyday
F#m           G              D
hoping that nopony else will say (hey blank flank) 
A                   Bm                 E   
How does it feel to not be special at all?
A                 E       
truth be told I'd rather hide 
F#m                 G                 D
cover my face so we can't meet eye to eye
                      A                       B                           E
But big sister always drags me out and says I really shouldn't think like that

F#m                        C#                 A                     B    
You can't rush things like this sugar cube, a cutie mark comes with time
D                         C#          A         B
I know it's not something you want to hear, but how'd you think I got mine? 
A                C#
(I've heard this all before...)
       F#m               C#               A           B    D                    
You'll find that special talent that will make you realize why you rushed
things all before
D             E
One day it'll come
         A* (see tabs up top)
And it's gonna make you giggle It's gonna make you smile

The kind of one that's beautiful and goes for miles
D                                         Dm
Think about it every day but you've gotta wait until then my dear

(even if it takes a year)

A* (see tabs up top)
I know where you're getting at sister, but the thought to me is torture
D                                      C              E             D
Gotta find a better way to get my mark much faster so I can finally stay

C#      Fm   E  A

D                   E                  A                         F#m
On this journey and quest of mine I'll find a way to get it with much less time
D                E
What do I do and where do I start
      C#                      F#m
On my journey to discover my cutie mark?
   D                 E                 A                   F#m
If time is money and pain is gain then I will endure these silly games
D                  E               A    D A
Either way I'll discover my mark today

    E   D   Dm
A   E   D
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