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Deadsy - Anti Pop tab

Anti Pop

Band: Deadsy
Album: "Deadsy"
Guitarist: Elijah Blue
Tabbed By: Mike (, James (
From: "Deadsy: The Darkest Gift" (

This song has been a pain in the ass to tab out. Taking in sugjestions from the previously mentioned, plus 
of motification and editing and listening to Anti-Pop over and over. I think I've got it though.

The intro/verse consists of three riffs:

B |------------------------------------|
G |------------------------------------|
D |------------------------------------|
A |-----------------------5-5----------|
E |-3-5-6-6--3-5-7-7--3-5-3-3--3-5-0---|
A |-3-5-6-6--3-5-7-7--3-5------3-5-0---|

  Note that the first stringed instrument you hear is a bass, then this guitar comes in.
[ Tab from: ]
B |------------------------------------|
G |------------------------------------|
D |------------------------------------|
A |-----------------------5-5------5-5-|
E |-3-5-6-6--3-5-7-7--3-5-3-3--3-5-3-3-|
A |-3-5-6-6--3-5-7-7--3-5------3-5-----|

  This is the second riff that constructs the verse.

B |------------------------------------|
G |------------------------------------|
D |------------------------------------|
A |------------------------------------|
E |--3-5-6---3-5-7---3-5-7---3-5-0-0---|
A |--3-5-6---3-5-7---3-5-7---3-5-0-0---|

  Then this is played: the final riff from the verse.


B |--------------------------------------|
G |--------------------------------------|
D |--------------------------------------|
A |--5---5--5--5--5---4/5---5--5--5--5---|
E |--3---3--3--3--3---2/3---3--3--3--3---|
A |--------------------------------------|


B |-----------------|
G |-----------------|
D |-----------------|
A |-----------------|
E |--3----1--0--1---|
A |--3----1--0--1---|

  This is played to finish off the song . . . very weird timing.
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