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Dean Lickyer - Never Let You Go tab

			    Never Let You Go - Dean Lickyer
Tabbed by: [:Harry:]

Tuning: Standard

Awesome band
Dean Lickyer:

First Tab so go easy.
Also my fonts are messed up so everything isnt in proportion so Im hoping this will come
Peace Out

G|---------15--14--13---------------------------------||   x8

e|----------------------------------||       |--------------------------|
B|----------------------------------||       |--------------------------|
G|--8---6/6-------------------------||       |-----------666666---9-8---|
D|--8---6/8---/7-7--7-7---6--4------||  x4   |--444444---666666---9-8---|
A|--6---4/8---/7-7--7-7---6--4------||       |--444444---444444---7-6---|
E|------------/5-5--5-5---4--2------||       |--222222------------------|

 You can just play 5 > 4 > 2 on the E string with some bends but I find the chords better.

I will do the whole thing at some point but its a amazing song that very few no about :D
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