Deerhunter - Dont Cry chords

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Don't Cry:

Intro/Verse- B G#m B G#m E F# E F#

Chorus- C# E F# X4
E F#

"Come one little boy" part- B G#m E F# E F# B
B G#m E F#

"Why oh Why" part- E F# E F# C#


Come on, little boy - I am your friend
And I understand the pain you're in.

You've seen your mom come -
Come home dreaming.
In the rain when you wash -
You can't fade it.

Come on, little boy. You don't need to cry.
You don't need to cry your eyes out.
Come on, kid! Keep your head up and fight.
You don't need to understand the reasons why
Oh why oh why oh why oh

(Your mansions are fading still) 
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