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Denis Leary - The Kennedys chords

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(Fuck) The Kennedyís

This chord/lyric sheet is based off of the full version as played by Denis and his 
band during his 1993 MTV Unplugged special.

Performance notes:
The guitar plays a basic blues scale/riff alternating between the E and A chords.  
I elected to not display when to switch between chords, as it would muddy up this 
tab.  The guitar plays a B after the end of each verse.
Presidential Theme Intro

Drum fill (4 measures)
 Guitar plays a B over the final measure

Verses 1-4 (Blues riff in E)
 I drink, and I drive
 Iím the only one in my car who gets out alive
 Ted Kennedy

 You vote, and I win
 The Bishop says carousing is a cardinal sin
 But, the Cardinalís on the payroll, so Iíll do it again
 Ted Kennedy, woah-oh
 Ted Kennedy

 Iím dead, and Iím gone
 I used to play touch football on the White House lawn
 Bobby Kennedy

 Big smile, big hair
 Jackie married Harry, and I really donít care
 I had sex with Marilyn in my rockiní chair
 Jack Kennedy woah-oh
 Mr. President

Drum break (8 measures)
 (ďAsk not what your countryÖĒ & car crash/splash sound effects)
 Guitar plays B in final measure

Verses 5-6 (Blues riff in E)
 Iím a joke, you donít know
 I was supposed to be the president,
 but I died in the war!
 Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr.

Well, Iím dad, and Iím bad
 I was an ignorant bootlegger and a genuine cad
 I didnít think that Hitler was really so bad.
 Master Kennedy, woah-oh
 Master Kennedy

 C#              G#                        A   B
   I was born to immigrant parents back in 1937
 C#                  G#
   I played Bobby in a TV movie, 
 A                  B
 Then I got to play JFKÖ
  My nameís Martin Sheenís, my nameís
        A       G# F#
 Martin Sheenís my name.
  My nameís Martin Sheenís, my nameís
        A       G# F#
 Martin Sheenís my name.

Solos (Piano, then guitar - 8 measures for each solo)
 Use verse chord progression

Verses 7-8 (Blues riff in E)
 And Iím rich, and itís great
 I hang around Hyannisport and wake up late
 ĎCause Iím a Kennedy

 Ich bein einÖ
 Ich bein ein Berliner and weíre doiní fine
 7000 relatives are waitiní in line
 To be a Kennedy.  Woah-oh
 Itís the Kennedys, woah-oh
          E (let ring)                 (let vocals and guitars fade gradually)
 Itís the Kennedys, Kennedys, KennedysÖ
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