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Dennis Jernigan - I Belong To Jesus chords

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Dennis Jernigan

INTRO: Fm  Eb-Fm (2x), Eb  C#-Eb(2x) 
Verse 1:
Fm                                      Eb
Satan goes around like a roaring lion
C#                              C7
Seeking whom he may devour
Fm                                         Eb
But he has been defeated so I'm testifying
        C#                      C7,          Fm-Eb,Fm(2x)
By the blood of Jesus he lost his pow'r

Verse 2:
(Same Chords)
Christ was lifted up with my sin upon him
His life and blood came flowing down
So hear me! I'm declaring Jesus Christ is Lord
I'm taking back His Holy Ground

Fm          Eb Fm  Fm       Eb Fm  
I belong to Jesus, I belong to Him  )
Fm          Eb Fm    C      C7(Fm)  )  2x
I belong to Jesus, Free from sin    )

Verse 3:
(Same Chords)
All sin nailed to the cross and the Lamb's blood flowing
Meant victory was sealed that day
When satan saw the blood he knew that Christ had won it
And he knew that Sunday was on its way

Verse 4:
(Same Chords)
The ground began to quake and all of heaven's power
Came bursting from the tomb within
The stone was rolled away and hell was overpowered
By the King who rose again

Fm         Eb   Fm  Fm     Eb   Fm      
He was lifted up (He was lifted up)  
Fm                Eb   Fm Fm              Eb   Fm
He paid a costly price (He paid a costly price)
Fm                   Eb   Fm   Fm                    Eb   Fm
He bought me with the Blood (He bought me with the Blood)
   C                C7
Of His own life (Of His own life)

Fm                    Eb   Fm   Fm         
Christ the King now reigning (Christ the King now 
Eb   Fm 
Fm                    Eb   Fm Fm                      Eb   Fm
He wears the victor's crown (He wears the victor's crown)
Fm          Eb   Fm   Fm              Eb   Fm
Satan was defeated (Satan was defeated)
           C                            C7
When the blood flowed down (When the blood flowed down)

Fm    C       C7        Fm
People we are free from sin
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