Depeche Mode - Perfect chords

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[C#m]On another world
By another star
At[A7]another place and[G#]time
In[C#m]another speed of consciousness
In [A7]another state of [G#]mind

[B]Every[A]thing was almost[G#m]perfect
[B]Every[A]thing fell into[G#m]place,		[G]
[B]The jury [A]reached a different[G#m]verdict	[G]
[B]Before the [A]judge dismissed the [G#m]case.	[G] [F#]


In a parallel universe 
That's happening right now
Things between us must be worse
But it's hard to see just how.

Everything could have been perfect
Everything in the right place
Then I wouldn't have to play the suspect 
Accused, abandoned and disgraced

[E7]I didn't choose,
I didn't pull the trigger
[F#7]It wasn't me
I'm just a plain and simple singer
[E7]I heard the sound
I turned my head around
To [F#7]watch our love shot down

In another lonely universe
We're lying side by side
Where no one's hurt and no one's cursed
And no one needs to hide

Everything is almost perfect
Everything is almost right
There are never any conflicts
There and never any fights!
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