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Devotion - Youre Not Alone tab

Titlie :You're Not Alone
By : Devotion

            G		       Em
In a dream, i hold you close
C	                    	        D
embracing you with my hands
          G		                          Em
you gazed at me with eyes full of love
          C	             	D
and made me understand
       G		                               Em
that i was meant to share it with you
         C		                 D
my heart, my mind, my soul
then i opened my eyes
     Em                  C		D
and all i see, reality shows i'm alone

    Bm			            Em
but i know that some day that you'll be by my side
             C			           D
cause i know god's just waiting til the time is right

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G 		                                                Em
God will keep her safe from a thundering storm
when the day is cold, will you keep her warm
when darkness falls, will you please shine her the way
G 		                                               Em
god will you let her know that I love her so
when there's no one there, that's she not alone
just close her eyes and let her know
		                         G   [ ( C ) ending only ]
my heart is beating with hers

           G		Em
so i pray until that day (until that day)
                   C		             D
when our hearts will beat as one (when our hearts will beat as one)
G		         Em
I will wait so patiently (so patiently)
C		       D
for that to come (for that day to come)


it's beating with hers
my heart is beating with hers
it's beating with hers


, it's beating with hers

it's beating with hers..

p.s. i dedicate this song to a special girl named OANH HOANG
 that goes MT EDEN HIGH..
.in Hayward , CA ...
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