Di-rect - Angeldust tab

Di-Rect - Angel Dust
Album: All systems go!
Standard tuning (EADGBe)

Hi there :) I don't know if this is the way Di-Rect plays it, but it sounds the 
same so that shouldn't be a problem. I figured it out by listening to the song while playing.

Intro tab:
e  |------------------------------------------------------------------------|
B  |--5-5-3-1----5-3-1-----5-8*---------------------------------------------|
G  |-------------------0-2--------------------------------------------------|
D  |------------------------------------------------------------------------|
A  |------------------------------------------------------------------------|
E  |------------------------------------------------------------------------|
This is played twice, the 8th on the B snare is played the second time only.

can also be played with an added note:
to get that extra sound they've got.

At the same time, another guitar plays: C Em F F twice.

Verse 1:
       C   Em  F   G
e  |---0---0---1---3---|
B  |---1---0---1---3---|
G  |---0---0---2---0---|
D  |---2---2---3---0---|
A  |---3---2---3---2---|
E  |---x---0---1---3---|

       C            Em                  F
Many times as you slept I've told you this
            C              Em                F
You're the one, you're my world, hopes and dreams
         G                 F
I have cried sweet sweet tears
         G                  F
Liquid words ran down my cheecks

       Ab or  Ab
e  |---4------8----| using that first one is easier, as you can slide it down
B  |---4------9----| to the 3rd fret for a G, and then to the 1st fret for an
G  |---5------8----| F
D  |---6------6----|
A  |---6------x----|
E  |---4------x----|

   C            Em   F  
I thank you, my only star
                    C         Em      F  
Every day you bring me your precious love
   Ab           G  
A light in the dark
Angel Dust

e  |-----------------------------------------------|
B  |----8-6-5----8-6-5--------6-5-8--6-5-8---------|
G  |--5--------4--------44s5---------------44s5----|
D  |-----------------------------------------------|
A  |-----------------------------------------------|
E  |-----------------------------------------------|

Verse 2:

       C      Em                  F
Livin'in ecstasy with you next to me
         C           Em             F
All I know, without you I'd come undone
         G                   F
Liquid words would come out wrong
           G               F
You're my drug, my rising sun

         C       Em    F
I thank you, my only star
                    C         Em      F  
Every day you bring me your precious love
   Ab           G  
An angel was sent
Angel Dust

       D   F#m  Bm
e  |---2---2----7---|
B  |---3---2----7---|
G  |---2---2----7---|
D  |---0---4----8---|
A  |---x---4----8---|
E  |---x---2----7---|

D           F#m           Bm        
Let's get it on together alone
D           F#m                Bm 
So much to live, reveal the unknown


         D       F#m    G
I thank you, my shining star
                   D   F#m         G    
Every day you take me around the world
Em     A     D       F#m    G     
Every day I need my Angel Dust

     Bm          A             G
The magic comes right of your hand
      Bm          A            D
I'll follow your steps in the sand...

Have fun with it ;) comment if you want any of the other parts figured out ;)
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