Diane Cluck - Content To Reform chords

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As in this great video from La Blogotheque : http://vimeo.com/44650343

The same chord pattern repeats throughout :)

Intro: AmAm EmEm GC GG  x2

Am                Em
i am a place you can still get to
G                                C       G
with your body and my here coordinates
Am                                             Em
my mind keeps my corporal self subordinate
   G            C       G
in answer it withers away

and i was a room and i had thick walls
kicking them in till everything falls
they're fixing me up as i wander the halls
oh will i be back here again?

and i die and i die, discarding my skulls
crushed into powder and spun into bowls
made into mortar for plugging up holes
content to reform and to break again

i die and i die, sloughing off cells
sea creatures crawl from out crowded shells
clappers fall out from big, rusty bells
everything spends out its day and then
its content will reform until it breaks again
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