Dino Valenti - Silver Dagger chords

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This is a cover of a traditional song by Dino Valenti or Chet Powers
it has a slower tempo than how other contemporaries like Joan Baez play it so keep that 
in mind. Listen to his version before you play it.

F  C
D Dm F C

Dm  D  F  D

Dm                      F
Don't sing me your love songs

you'll wake my mama

               D  C
she's sleeping here

F           C
right by my side

D                C    F            C
aww, in her left haaaaand a silver dagger
        D    G   F
and she does swear
I not be your bride

Dm           F           C
All men are faaaallllsse so says your mama
     D        F           C
They tell you eeeeevvvvil wicked lies
              D      Dm
The very next daaay
      F    C
They court another
              Dm      F
and leave you theeeeerrre
To lament and cry

Dm F C
Dm F C
          Dm   F            C
my dad he waaaas a handsome devil
         Dm D        F           C
sportin' a chaaaaiiiin most five miles long
         D       F
on every liiiinnnk
one heart did dangle
         D      F
for some young maiiiden
he'd loved with and wronged
for some young maiden
      F             C
he'd loved with and wronged
               Dm         F
so go and find yourseeeeelf
another sweet lover
              D     F         C
and hope that heeeeee will be for life
       G    D       F
I have been waaaarned
and I've decided

         D  Dm  F             C     C
to sleep aloooonnee all of my life

            D  Dm   F          C
I have been waaaarned and I've deciiiided

         D Dm    F        C
to sleep alooonnne all of my life

            D Dm     F     C
come all ye faaaaiiiir and tender maiden
          D       C    F     C
take good warn in howwww you court young men
              Dm     F               C
they are like staaaars on a summer's morning
           D Dm  C  F           C
first they appeeeeaaar and then they're gone
  C           D Dm    F               C
Their just like staaars on a summer's mooooorniiiing

           D         F                  C
first they apppeeaaarr and then they're gone
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