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Dinosaur Jr - Goin Home tab (by way of (andy))

Dinosaur Jr.'s "Goin Home" on the album WHERE YOU BEEN.  (Tab by Eugene Lee) 

     Fmaj7       C                              G7               Am 
B|-----1 ------1------1-------1----------------------------0--------2---------
A|-----------------------3-------2-----------0-----2 ----------0--0--0--------
E|----------------------------------------------3-----------------------------     Fmaj7
B|---1-|---1------1--------1--0--1---1---1---1----------1---1---|--(not quite 
G|---2-|-----2------2------------------2-------2----------2----.|-- sure about
D|-3---|--------------0--3-----------------------0--3----------.|-- this whole
A|-----|--------------------------------------------------------|-- part.) 

Chorus chords:   C  G   C  G   Fmaj7  Fm  G#
                        ^                 ^
Fmaj7 --->  133210   (Use your thumb for the low E string)  
G     --->  320003
Fm    --->  133111  (I'm not quite sure if J.Mascis plays this chord during
that                       chorus part). 
C     --->  332010
G7    --->  320001
Am    --->  X02210
Any comments or questions would be greatly appreciated.  Send it to this 
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