Dishonored - This Place chords

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*= Single Strum

Em*        G*
Why are we so f*ucked up
D*                      C*
Even heavens gates have shut
Em*              G*
Angels turn in shame
         D*               Am*   G*
Knowing all they want is fame (Fame)
        Em              G
What happened to that day
       D                  C
when sacrifice brought surprise
Em*      D*   D*
Now... every day



G                  Em
Rest in peace to those who lost 
          D          Em  
in this unjust game we call life
               C            Am         Em
for you who suffer with reticule and strife 
             D              Em        C
I hope you realize were anything but safe
          Em       G
In this place we call our home
D               Em*
Hope you know were not alone
were not alone

  Em                G
every time we step out
D                     C*
we take the risk of taking the last breath
    Em             D           Am
unpredictable, tragedies, growing old
but never free

(Break Down)
As time trickles down
the jagged glass edge
of our crooked cold past
thoughts rattle in my head
were all just shot down angels
and some will never live 
to push on healing
repair the broken seams 
and taste the golden dreams
in our fathers eye
      Em*             D*    Em*
But we've all got to die...die
                 G    D     Em
But.. Im moving On....On...On 

(Chorus) Then end song.

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