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Distillers - Drain The Blood tab

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Artist: The Distillers
Song: Drain The Blood
Album: Coral Fang
Tabbed by little mush

Am    E         C         E
  I'm living on shattered faith
Am               E           C          E
  That kind that likes to restrict your breath
Am      E             C         E
  Never been a better time than this
  Suffocate on eternal bliss

     Am    E
In a city
                 C      E
That swells with so much hate
            Am   E
You seem to rise above
    C       E     Am
And take its place
          E       C     E
The heart pumps until it dies
Drain the blood, the heart is wise

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All my friends are murder
Hey all my bones no marrows in
All these fiends want teenage meat
All my friends are murderers

C     Am     C     E
Away, away, away, away

I never met a pearl quite like you
Who could shimmer and rot at the same time through
There's never been a better time than this
To bite the hand of the frost bitten eminence


Am    E     C     E     
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa

   I'm alive in uterine
   A star in the dark and a new day has dawned
   Open up and let it flow
Em                        E
   I'll make it yours, so here we go


C                Am
Away...he's gone away (3x)
C                 Em            E
Away...he's gone a...he's gone away

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