Django Reinhardt - Shine chords

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                        SHINE - DJANGO REINHARDT

   This is a great old time tune, tabbed as performed by Django with the 
  Quintette Du Hot Club De France, I'm not sure who wrote the tune though.

 CHORD PATTERN @ C // G7 // C // G7 // E7 // Am // D7 // G7 //
                 C // G7 // E7 // Am // F / B7#9 / C / A7 / D7 / G7 / 

 The one chord you might not be sure about.         The B7#9/F#
 The above chord pattern begins the song            -------3---|
 with no vocal then simply repeats with vocal       ----2------|
 part of the song as below, followed by the         -1---------|
 same chord pattern again with no vocal, this       -----------|
 basically repeats itself to the improvisation      ----2------|
 of guitar and violin til the song climaxes.

        C                         G7
 Just because,       my teeth are pearling,

        C                       G7
 just because,       my hair is curling,

 E7                Am               
 just because,   I always wear a smile,

D7                  G7                          C
  like to dress up,    in the latest styles,   'cos,

              G7           E7               Am
 I'm glad I'm living,      take my troubles all with a smile,

F        B7#9/F#          C             A7  
  just because my colours shady,        different maybe,

D7               G7         C
  thats why they call me shine.

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