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Do - Heaven chords

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Hey, the other chords weren't quite correct in my opinion - so I changed it a bit. 
Hopefully you'll appreciate this!

Intro:  D G A Em G C A 

verse 1:
     D    G           A
oh thinkin about our younger years,
          Em           G
there was only you and me,
          C                A
we were young and wild and free,
D      G                A
now nothing can take you away from me,
           Em               G
weve been down that road before,
           C       let ring/pause
but thats over now,
            A            let ring/pause
you keep me comming back for more,

G         A           D
baby your all that i want,
            D             G
when your lying here in my arms,
   G         A         D
im finding it hard to believe,
were in heaven,
     G        A           D
your lovin is all that i need,
          D                   G
when im finally there in your heart,
    G       A              D
it isnt too hard to see,
were in heaven

Verse 2: Same chords as verse 1

oh this is a life to find someone
who walks in when (sth i coulnt catch)
pick you up when u're feeling down
now nothing can change what you mean to me,
theres a love that i could say 
but just hold me now,
cos our love will light the way


C                       G
i've been waiting for so long
for something to arrive
then you came along

                 C			      G
now our dreams are coming true,
through the good times and the bad,
ill be standing there by you,

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