Don Potters - Our God Is Holy chords

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Don Potter

Gm7 Am7/G Bb/G Am7/G
Our God is holy, Hes mighty holy 
Gm7 F/G Am7/G(C) Gm7
Our God is ho------------------ly

Gm7 Am7/G(C) Gm7 Am7/G(C)
Reach down from Your heavenly home 
Gm7 Am7/G(C) Gm7 Am7/G(C)
Touch us with Your mighty hand 
Gm7 Am7/G(C) Gm7 Am7/G(C)
Send down Your heavenly host 
Gm7 Am7/G(C) D7
Bring revival to the land 

Our God is righteous, Hes mighty righteous 
Our God is righteous 

Send down Your righteous judgments 
Through Your mighty right hand 
Break the back of the enemys encampments 
Release Your power in the land 

Our God is power, Hes mighty power 
Our god is power 

All gods will bow before the Master 
As we proclaim Him in the land 
Every tongue will openly confess 
Worthy, worthy is the Lamb 

Our God is worthy, 
Hes mighty worthy 
Our God is worthy

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CCLI License #1828618
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