Doug Stone - Id Be Better Off In A Pine Box chords

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Verse #1

I said the night you left me
        C                G
Nothin worse could ever happen,
    C               G
But seeing you with someone else
Proved that I was wrong.
And when your eyes met mine, I knew
     G                C
That you were gone forever,
                   G         D               G
Along with all the reasons I had for hanging on


Id be better off in a pine box
On a slow train back to Georgia,
                          D            C
Or in the grey walls of a prison doing time.
                   D             G                 C
I think Id rather die and go to hell and face the devil,
        G             C           D              G
Than to lie here with you and him together on my mind.

Verse #2

G                                 C              G
I always thought that someday, we might get back together.
C                  G
I just thought you needed time
To spread your wings and fly,
    C                             G              C
But when I saw the loving way you held onto each other,
                        G          D                    G
It was all that I could do, not to break right down and cry

Repeat Chorus 2xs

        C             G           D              G
I can't lie here with you and him together on my mind
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