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Doug Supernaw - Reno tab

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Reno by Blitzen Trapper (Album : Blitzen Trapper)

Ok, Iím pretty sure about the chords. But as Iím French, I may be wrong about the 
lyrics! Thanks for telling me where Iím wrong. 
Enjoy this wonderful song!

Em  Em  Dm  G  C  C  B  A  (then, G as A transition)

Verse 1: (same chords for the other verses)
Em    Em      Dm       G           C      C 
She wore her fake fur coat in the rain
     B                A
ďAnd if itís all the same to you,
     E                G                C  
Iíd like to trade my skin in for some pearlsĒ
     B            A         (G as A transition)
She said... she said

Verse 2:

Ok, the man behind the counterís daydreaming
She said: ďI just got hitched in Reno,
And Iím headed for Niagara Falls tonight
Tonight... tonightĒ

Bridge 1:
Dm  G  Am  D  Em  A  (G as A transition)

Verse 3:

Hotels all look the same when youíre face down
In between the beds,
In your silver studded boots, whatever suits you
She said... and she shot him in the head

Bridge 2:
E  G  C  B  A  (x2)
E  G  C  B  B  (G as A transition)

Em  Em  Dm  G  C  C  B  A  (G as A transition)

Verse 4:

She wore her fake pearls over the falls
I found him in the bottom
Of a barrel that was washed up on the sand
On the sand... on the sand...
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