Douglas Adams - Krikkit Song Everything Is Lovely chords

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'KRIKKIT SONG' (Adams/Pope)

C    F    Em
Our lovely world’s so lovely
G     C    E7
And everything’s so nice
A    D    
And everyone’s so happy
G     C    
Beneath the ink-black skies!
F    C
She is the only one for me
G    C   C7
I’m under her spell I can’t resist
F     Bb    A
We walked hand in hand above the grass
D     G
Then in the dark we kissed
Our lovely world’s so lovely
See how the flowers grow
It’s such a shame my dog died
He loved those flowers so!
Ab      Gm   Cm
It’s so much fun working on the farm
Db    Bb   C
It fills my heart and soul with pride
My wife and kids waiting safe from harm
F     G
Makes me feel so warm inside
Don't panic, no, don't panic,
Just throw away your flute,
Go to a distant planet, blow it up and start to shoot.
Don't Panic... Kill everything stone dead.
Go manic... Smash in his stupid head. 
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