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Doves - Ambition tab

			     DOVES - Ambition
Tabbed by: Sean Cook

Tuning: standard

Beautiful piece of music by the best band in Britain.  I've just attempted the basic
chords here - it's not really an acoustic song but you can play these along.  I can't
do the picking tabs though...

     A   F*m   D   Bm   G#m   E   F#m*   E*


Chords strummed individually:

A   F#m   D   Bm


A             G#m     F#m
So...Ambition cut you down

        E      D
Aint a love as perfect

      C#m  Bm
Everybody knows it

           C#m       A    F#m
Something drove you down

D                                C#m
Something as good, something new

Bm                   C#m
Somebody good, our...

D                      F#m* E* D
Ambition cuts you down

E* (?)                     D      F#m* E* D
There's not a love that's perfect

         F#m* E*  A
But I, I live in hope


D                            C#m
Somebody good, somebody new,

Bm                                       C#m D F#m* E* D
Something as good, something that's mine

D                          F#m* E* D
Aint a love that's perfect

F#m* E*    Bm
Everybody knows it

          C#m     A
Ambition cuts us down.
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