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Dr Hook - Daddys Little Girl tab

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This Tab By: Travis Tricky
Tuning: Standard, no capo
Tempo:Slowly (90 bpm)

Just a note before the music, this song is performed by Ray Sawyer 
(for non-Hook fans,guy in the band with the eye patch) and is not 
an official Dr. Hook song. Try to download this tune, it is an 
incredibly powerful song, I hope I was able to do it justice 
(I've only been for 6 months and this is my first tab ever). 
However, it is Dr. Hook  so it is not complicated but some of the 
finer guitar details are lost in the complexity of the song - enjoy!

Intro / Verse Fingerstyle Progression

      Dsus2	       Asus4

Intro - Dsus2  Asus4 (x2) (Instrumental)

-Verse 1-

Dsus2            Asus4
She’d snuggle and talk to me

Dsus2           Asus4
Each night as I watched TV

Dsus2         Asus4            Dsus2       Asus4
I’d teasingly call her chatter box

Dsus2                  Asus4
Then one night she said "don’t be scared

Dsus2              Asus4
I see an angel on the stairs

Dsus2                Asus4           Dsus2    Asus4
Daddy, can you angle hear the angel talk?"

-Chorus- (chords are now strummed)

One more year of lollypops

Ice creams cones and soda pops

One more years of daddy’s little girl

One more year of cracker jacks,

bubble gum and sugar smacks.

One more year of daddy’s little girl

-Verse 2-

I took her in my arms upstairs
And as she said her night time prayers
I felt a fever burning in her head
She gave thanks for mom and me
And said I heard my angel speak
Daddy, this is what my angel said …


-Verse 3-

Her faith grew strong her body weak
And soon my frightened eyes could see
There was nothing on earth that I could do
And one year later, to the day
In her sleep, she slipped away
And I knew what she said and heard was true


[slow down]

                                  E  (slow downstroke for effect)
One more year of Daddy’s little girl

That's It, I hope you enjoy it

Travis Tricky
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