Drive-by Truckers - Santa Fe chords

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Tuning:  down one step (all Truckers songs follow this tuning)

Intro:  C Dsus2 Fmaj7 C Dsus2 Fmaj7 (listen to song to get the correct timing)

C                      Dsus2             Fmaj7
You said that you'd be waiting for me here in Santa Fe
C                    Dsus2           Fmaj7
With hotel rooms and TV's booming loud every night and day
C                 Dsus2            Fmaj7
And all I have to do is just be careful what I say
C                 Dsus2               Fmaj7
And do and what I put us through

Dsus2        Fmaj7                C
Colorado, lines were down, Des Moines's an underwater town
Dsus2                 Fmaj7                 C
Don't know what it is, I thought I'd find out here
Dsus2                  Fmaj7           C
It's moving forward as it must, 95 and blowing dust
Dsus2               Fmaj7           C                             Dsus2
Sitting here and missing us, it couldn't be more clear

You said that you'd be waiting for me here in Santa Fe
With dreams and postponements along the way
Conditioned by the outstretched miles and high desert air
Thinking I might find you there

G       F         C
Holding you in my dreams
G      F             C
Ricocheting back and forth between my two extremes
G            F                C
Of light and dark and all the in betweens
G         F             C
All of us know too well exactly what that means

Will you still be here waiting for me here in Santa Fe?
With arms and obligations and tears along the way
And all I have to do is revel in here everyday
     C           Dsus2        Fmaj7
Then do it again tomorrow, 
C           Dsus2       Fmaj7
do it again tomorrow
C           Dsus2       Fmaj7             C
Do it again tomorrow in some other place
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