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Drones - I Am The Supercargo tab



tabbed by dan

standard tuning, CAPO 2nd fret, notes relative to CAPO
NOTE: this is partly taken off a solo performance so it may not be exactly
like the album version, but this is how I play it.
play loosely throughout entire song


intro continued

|---------------------|  play twice
band enters   play around w/ chords, dont just strum

into verse riff    x2                    then this

|------1h3--0--| then repeat all above parts for verses and choruses, after
|---0--0----0--| 2nd chorus make a lot of noise then play 'into verse riff' and 
|---2-------2--| subsequent parts. end on the 'end into verse' but play twice
|---3-------3--| with alterations and whammy bar.
end into verse

quiet part/ break (ruin born by sea....)   repeat as necessary play very loosely

thats about all, no point in tabbing guitar 2 as it doesn't do much any different than
rhythm guitar.
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