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Eagle Eye Cherry - Falling In Love Again tab

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Falling in love again - Eagle Eye Cherry

Hey guys. Every tab I find for this just ain't quite right, anyway, here is the 100% 
version - Enjoy!

Listen to the song for the correct rhythmn, its pretty easy though


(Am  C  G) x2

Verse 1

            Am       C
Well I'm so tired
Of falling in love
           Am    C        G
Finding it easier to fall out
          Am         C
You can't deny it
  G                      Am     C
I feel it inside Cupid's fire
I can't hide

[ Tab from: ]
                   Am           C
But I'm falling in love again
Ain't nothing I can do
           Am          C
Falling in love again
Girl this time it's with you
       Am         C
When I fall
It's always the same
           Am          C
And I'm so tired
Of playing this game

Verse 2

It's been so long now
Since I gave up my heart
I've kept it locked down
I don't wanna get it harmed
So let me tell you now
I just want to be sure
That you won't hurt me
Can you promise me that


Bridge/Middle 8

You got to tell me
If you're going to break my heart
'Cos I don't wanna take the chance
And if it ain't true
All it's gonna be
Is nothing but a poor romance

   F                       C
So give me that promise to hold on
And I'll never let you go
   F                       C
We gotta have something to go on
       F           C    G
Or I'm letting you know now


Falling in love again (repeat to fade)

Thats it!  Any questions, queries, quarms, complaints, death threats etc, let me know!!!
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