Eagles Pep Band - Fly Eagles Fly Eagles Fight Song chords

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FLY EAGLES FLY  a.k.a. Philadelphia Eagles Fight Song
tabbed by Chris Lebresco

Fly Eagles Fly
       (G)             D7
On the road to victor--yyy
Fight Eagles Fight
                  (Am7)    D     G
Score a touchdown   1,     2,    3
       G7              C
Hit em Low     Hit em High
     Am7             D7
And watch our Eagles Fly
 G         E7**          
Fly Eagles Fly
        C      (C)   D    G
On the road to vict--or--yyy

E. A. G. L. E. S.   



*   Am7 may be an A7...I like playing Am7.
**  I actually like (and play) Bm instead of the E7.

I believe the actual song is played one half-step lower than shown.  
So to play along simply tune down a 1/2 step.

To fit my voice I actually play the song with a capo on the second fret.

I hope this helps...there was nothing else out there.
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