Ed Helms - The Doug Song chords

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This is my acoustic guitar version of the song that Ed Helms character Stu plays 
in the movie "The Hangover".

CAPO on 3rd fret.

Chords Used:
 A  C#m/A  D    E   F#m  Bm   C#m 
-0-  -0-  -2-  -0-  -2-  -2-  -4-   
-2-  -2-  -3-  -0-  -2-  -3-  -5-   
-2-  -1-  -2-  -1-  -2-  -4-  -6-   
-2-  -2-  -0-  -2-  -4-  -4-  -6-   
-0-  -0-  ---  -2-  -4-  -2-  -4-   
---  ---  ---  -0-  -2-  ---  ---   


A              C#m/A               D
What do tigers dream of, when they take a little tiger snooze?
        A                C#m/A            D
Do they dream of mauling zebras, or Halle Berry in her catwoman suit?
E                    F#m                                            
Don't you worry your pretty striped head 
            D                              A
we're gonna get you back to Tyson and your cozy tiger bed.
    E                          F#m             
And then we're gonna find our bestfriend Doug 
    D                           A
and then we're gonna give him a bestfriend hug.
E     F#m       D           A
Doug, Doug, Oh, Doug Dougie Dougie Doug Doug.
    A            Bm          C#m          D
But if he's been murdered by crystal meth tweakers, 
     D          E           A
well then we're shit out of luck.

I like to arpeggiate the three chords on the part when he says "If he's been 
murdered by crystal meth", throw in some fills of 0-2-4 on the 1st string during 
the verse before you switch from the D chord to back to the A. it's fun to play, 
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