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Ed Kowalczyk - Grace chords

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spend a little time standiní on the front lines
and you really canít talk at all
C                   Am
your mind begins to wonder

is there any love at all?
the photographs you took
yeah there was somethiní in their eyes
every saint used to be a sinner
every man used to be a child
you said it was all in inside my mind 

you were wrong
Em        D
there was grace
Bm          C
you saw the enemy
Em         D
I saw your face
Bm          C
people like you and I
Em               D
spinniní through space
Bm       C D Em
you were wrong

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I still have faith 

everytime I feel the sunshine
I thank the Lord up above
C                    Am 
for seeiní somethiní I

couldnít see at all
cominí down hard

the feelinís all gone
where are we gonna hide?
C                    Am
my wings are feeliní clipped now
                      Bm  (chorus)
and all I wanna do is fly 

( I Havn't figured this section out yet)!!
somethinís gotta give

get up stand up see through it

gotta get this message to you

you said life donít mean a thing

that thereís no reason left to dream 
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