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Eddie Cochran - Something Else chords

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Something Else:Eddie Cochran.
On the charts in 1959.

A        D
A look a-there, here she comes..there comes that girl again.

Wanted to date her since I don't know when.
But she don't notice me when I pass,
she goes with all the guys from outta my class.
    A                         G
But that can't stop me from a-thinkin' to myself..
D                            D
she's sure fine lookin' man, she's something else.

A           D
Hey, look a-there, across the street..there's a car made just for me.
To own that car would be a luxury, but my dollar can't afford the gas.
A brand new convertible is outa my class..
    A                         G
But that can't stop me from a—thinkin' to myself..
that car's fine lookin' man, it's something else.

A           D
Hey, look a—here, just wait and see..

Worked hard and saved my dough..I'll buy that car that I been wanting so.
Get me that girl and we'll go ridin' around,
we'll look real sharp with the rag-top down.
  A                              G
I keep right on a-dreamin' and a-thinkin' to myself..
When it all comes true man, wow, that's something else.

A      D
Look a-there, what's all this?

Never thought I'd do this before..but here I am a-knockin' on her door.
   A                                          G
My car's out front and it's all mine..just a '41 Ford, not a '59.
  A                       G
I got that girl and I'm a-thinkin' to myself..
she's sure fine lookin' man, wow, she's something else.

A fifties smash from Kraziekhat.
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