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Eddie Kirkland - What A Savior chords

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Artist: Eddie Kirkland
Song:  What A Savior

D Em7 Am7 C2 
La la la la…

G                   C                        Em               D
Come join together, prepare the way for our great and mighty One
G                      C                        Em                       D
He rolls like a river, roars like the thunder, shines brighter than the sun

Em                     C    G                D
Now every heart cries out, make his praises loud,
Em                        D
raise a shout for we are free

G                 C             Em                D
Oh Jesus what a savior, what an awesome king of love
G                    C              Em           D
Oh there is no one greater, son of God be lifted up

G                   C                   Em                 D
His love is higher, his mercy deeper, than we can comprehend
G                   C                     Em                  D
His glory fills up, our minds with wonder, his power has no end

Em                C   G                 D
We will shout louder, make his praise greater
Em                C      G                     D
We lift his name higher, we lift his name higher
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